Before getting focused on jazz and on the art of improvising, William Rezé started to play music at the age of 6, learning saxophone at the Angers Music Conservatory. He became member of several bands allowing him to discover how to perform on stage. He is a lonely guy and would have been happy by composing some movies songs. But after having started the Beaux-Arts school in 2011, he realized that the electronic music might fit perfectly with his tastes and dreams.

Thylacine is the name of the wolf of Tasmania, an extirpated animal species. It is also the name William Rezé gave to his band. This 20 years old man is all together a Beaux-Arts student, a smart beatmaker and a gifted multi instruments musician. Thanks to all these talents, he tries to tame the animal represented by electro music and creates soft, catchy and addictive music.

Thycaline is a rising star of the new generation of French musicians. He creates a new kind of soft and powerful electro music and knows perfectly how to use his diverse influences : from Paul Kalkbrenner to Four Tet, including Nicolas Jaar or Apparat. This is exactly what you feel when listening to Intuitive, his charming first ep that is perfectly under control.

His passionate dream for freedom leads him to explore new musical domains. With Thylacine, we will be immersed in “a moment subtly suspended between dancefloor and nostalgia, driven by a flood of weeping sounds and sonic arrangements perfectly tamed by the wild wolf of the synthesizer”, Les Inrocks Lab wrote about him with accuracy . As a lonely saxophonist, William plays as much as possible, improvises and never hesitates to get his alto sax out to overcome the machines.

Animation and visual effects also have a role to play. On stage, the graphic screenings of Laetitia Bely recall the dark reflections of the famous painter Soulages and blur the line between the dancefloor and fantasy.

Winner of the 2015 FAIR, Thylacine is the French band joining Hanoi Sound Stuff 2015.