Born in 1967, Moti Saadia was affected by the New York music scene – House, Trible, Club-Trans, and the mainstream. He began to DJ at the Hateatron club in Tel-Aviv, and made his way to performed in every big club – starting from the Colosseum, the Pinguin, Zoom, TLV – and up to include the current venues, such as Haoman 17 and the notorious after-parties of Shimon Shirazi. Since then, he has made an appearance in almost every parade and big event in Israel.

He is known for a unique style, both by young and older party, his subtle smooth mix between oldies New-york house music and current music sweeps the public into a craz musical experience that combines an explosive energy on stage and a mesmerizing visual performance which hypnotizes the public throughout the set.
Saadia is recognized and appreciated by all night life figures, from the past and present, as one of the best DJ and musical producers in Israel, and is constantly invited to perform all over the country.

Among the list of venues he had performed at are Haoman 17 in Jerusalem, Haoman 17 in Tel-Aviv, Comfort 13, Forum in Be’er-Sheva, every Pride Parade of Eilat (14 years in sum), The Cat & Dog, Evita, Ultrasound, Haoman and the Basement in Haifa, TLV, Doom-Vox, Breakfast, and many more.

Over 30 years of performing on countless stages and clubs prided Saadia the privilege to play in front of thousands of people. These events include:

  • Tel-Aviv Gay Pride, from 1998 to 2014: Performing both on parade floats as well as on the centre stage of the Pride events to an audience of up to 120,000 people.
    • Love Parade of 1998: performed to the 250,000 people on the Tel-Aviv boardwalk.
    • Gay-Games in Copenhagen: represented Israel in the 100 years celebration of Tel-Aviv.
    • Resident DJ of the FFF line by Shirazi for over 15 years.
    • Resident DJ of the 3SOME line.
    • Rome Gay Pride events as part of the FFF TOUR.

As part of Saadia’s extensive career, he had worked side by side of some of the greatest Israeli DJs, such as Offer Nissim, Ellyott, Yuval Zach, Reuven Loblin (founder of Haoman 17), Yahel, Tal Cohen, Avihai Partok, Asi Kozak, Roi Brizman, Itay Calderon, Yinon Yahel, Sahar Zangelvich, Nadav Agami, Israel Aharoni, Mor Avrahami, and more.
On an inter nation level, Saadia had the privilege to work with some of the biggest name in the electronic music industry. These include Boy Gorge, Victor Calderon, David Morales, Phil Romano, Danny Tenaglia, Axell, Carl Cox, TIGA, Hot Since 22, Marco De-Silva, ABLE, Mark Night, and more.

Among his accomplishments is a long list of Israel’s biggest singers with whom Saadia performed. The list includes Maya Siman-Tov, Meital De-Razon, Shiri Maimon, Dana International, Harel Skaat, Eyal Golan, Sarit Haddad, Moran Major, Ilana Avital, Michal Amdorsky, Maya Boskila, Dana Berger, Efrat Josh, and Liran Danino among many more.