CHI THANH press pic 2015 - 03

CHI THANH is a German-Asian multi-instrumentalist (guitar, piano, drums, bass, sax…), music producer & DJ based in Berlin. He was born in South Germany and his real name is CHI THANH (“CHI“ means “energy“ and THANH “pure sound“ in vietnamese)
CHI THANH started piano lessons with 5 years old and added guitar when he was just 10 and then kept adding more and more instruments that he found in the studio.
THANH has lived and worked in cities like Vancouver, Los Angeles, London, NYC and has settled in Berlin now and you can pretty much put him into any recording studio with an artist and he will let his creativity flow and come up with a song….

CHI THANH is no newcomer to the game and has already, under different names & monikers, written/remixed and produced music for diverse artists such as: Madonna / Britney Spears, P.Diddy, Usher / Lil’Jon, Duran Duran, Arrested Development, Beenie Man….
He was also nominated as a songwriter for a Grammy (song: “Lipstick“) with Desmond Child a few years ago.

CHI THANH has never left his house and club music roots in the past but has now decided to put more focus on them. He recently did remixes for “big names“ of the scene like: Booka Shade, Etienne de Crecy, Mood Music, Gossip..
His homebase Berlin has also been a great influence in his career, since he found lots of like-minded people there and also was able to find his “creative voice“ by trying out different collaborations and styles.
CHI THANH also recently in 2014 started a DJ-Duo collaboration with his fellow berliner Andre Crom, the founder of OFF Recordings and as “Crom & Thanh“ they have had great success already and various Beatport top10 releases (Black Rain EP) and also remixes for: Him_Slef_Her (Crosstown Rebels), Lana Del Rey, Metronomy, Booka Shade etc..

CHI THANH now steps out on his own with his first solo project under his “real name“ CHI THANH. He wrote, played, produced, programmed and mixed everything himself on all his releases.
“Organic, acoustic real instruments, guitars and psychedelic 60s vibes meet Berlin Deep Tech House club beats“.
His 3 E.P.s “LET’S PLAY“, „STONE“ and „RAIN“ on the renowned berlin label OFF Recordings feature songs that showcase different sides of CHI THANH within the house and techno spectrum. One very musical and emotional organic guitar song- driven side, the next more minimal and bass-heavy and another side a bit more groovy percussive tech-house style.

CHI THANH is getting ready to create “Magic Moments“ for worldwide audiences and to perform his dynamic DJ/Live-Set Show. During his performance CHI THANH is adding various loops and vocal edits to his set while always keeping the crowd entertained and “in rhythm“ since he also does live percussions on his pads.