Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival aspires to create a unique world of quality electronic and experimental music and art with boundary-pushing sounds, creative performances and collaborations between International and Vietnamese artists to spur an interest among young Vietnamese audiences.


  1. Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival 2015: DJ CULTURE

Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival 2015 marks the 8th time the event will take place and this year’s program is packed with an assorted mix of International and Vietnamese artists and some new collaborations and activities with the aim to reach an even broader range of audiences and music students to join electronic and experimental performances and events.
In 2015, the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival will collaborate with Hanoi Creative City, a hub of culture and creative.

The festival events are organised on April 9th to 11th in Hanoi. Day 1 (April 12) is a sit-down electronic event with a mix of Japanese, Austrian, UK, Sweden and Vietnamese artists organised in the courtyard of the Museum of History. The April 13 event will also include a fundraising for challenged and disabled children’s. Day 2 (April 14) is a DJ dance event with artists from Germany, England, Austria, Swiss, Israel and Vietnam and with Hanoi Doclab, Hanoi Future Shorts showing sets of new short films.
In 2013, this year, Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival will also organise a number of master classes for musicians and music students in both Hanoi and Hue. The master classes will be taught by the International artists and will be organised in collaboration with Hanoi Cultural University, Goethe Institue, Manzi Artspace. Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival will collaborate with Goethe Institut and Hanoi Grapevine to organise Art Talk event in Hanoi. This will is an opportunity for interested audiences to hear and talk with all International, and Vietnamese artists about their experiences as experimental and electronic artists.

  1. Festival Organisers, Partners & Associates

Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival 2012 is organized by Vietnam Academy of Music and M.A.M production in partnership with the Goethe-Institut Hanoi and with support from the Japan Foundation, British Council, the Embassy of Austria in Vietnam, and the C & D foundation, Future Shorts Hanoi, are festivals associates.
Audio/Light Support: Zip Media
Web support: AHIT Corporation
Piano sponsor: Royal Piano Shop
Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival 2013 has a number of key media Partners: Hanoi Grapevine, Xone FM.

  1. The Festival’s History

Tri Minh, electronic artist and event organiser, founded and organised the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival in 2008 making it the first electronic artistic exchange music festival organised in Vietnam.
In 2009, 2010, and 2011 the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival continued to push the boundaries for electronic and experimental music performances in Vietnam by presenting creative cross-border collaborations between International and Vietnamese musicians and by adding visual artists and installations to the mix.

In 2010 and 2011, the Festival expanded its duration from a 1-day to a 2-day programme. In 2011, Future Shorts Hanoi, a worldwide short film festival concept, joined the festival. Future Shorts Hanoi provided the festival guests with an opportunity of viewing interesting short films throughout the festival. In 2012, 15 International artists and 9 Vietnamese artists and around 3000 audiences took part in the 2-day festival.