Daniel Mariuma

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Daniel Mariuma has been musically inspired by the end of the disco age music playing in the radio, but more so by the musical abundance and the various styles brought to the world by MTV in the 90's, when the pop and RNB culture became integral to Mariuma's sounds of choice.

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Moti Saadia


Born in 1967, Moti Saadia was affected by the New York music scene - House, Trible, Club-Trans, and the mainstream. He began to DJ at the Hateatron club in Tel-Aviv, and made his way to performed in every big club - starting from the Colosseum, the Pinguin, Zoom, TLV - and up to include the current venues, such as Haoman 17 and the notorious after-parties of Shimon Shirazi. Since then, he has made an appearance in almost every parade and big event in Israel.

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Before getting focused on jazz and on the art of improvising, William Rezé started to play music at the age of 6, learning saxophone at the Angers Music Conservatory. He became member of several bands allowing him to discover how to perform on stage. He is a lonely guy and would have been happy by composing some movies songs. But after having started the Beaux-Arts school in 2011, he realized that the electronic music might fit perfectly with his tastes and dreams.

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